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Today, I was in Baltimore to see the Aquarium and an Orioles game. (Oriole beat Tampa Bay 5-4) On my way back to the hotel, I noticed the Taxi driver had an African accent. He was a math teacher in Kenya and came to the US in 1998. He said he had a job teaching in the public schools for 5 years, but he got so tired of students refusing to do work and the school administrators backing them up, that he quit. He started driving a cab. Finally, he said he is his own boss and makes as much money as he needs. He is completing his MS in Computer Engineering and plans to start his own computer networking company.


Pretty darn smart!




You’re Fired – Sleeping on the Job


“You’re fired” are words most employees dread. They must do what the bosses want when they want. Here are some stories  of people losing jobs for simple things. When you are your own boss, you make the rules!



The person who nows HOW will always have a job. The person who knows WHY will ALWAYS BE HIS BOSS!


-Diane Ravitch



Offshore Accounts Get Hammered!


The IRS is starting to prosecute UBS customers with Swiss and Offshore accounts that have not reported them. On March 28, the IRS issued a directive making this a high priority.


If you are thinking of buying a business that sells “Asset Protection” by using “secret” offshore accounts and bearer stock, check with your tax lawyer before your do anything!



Are we in the “Great Recession?” Second Great Depression?” In either case, a lot of businesses are cutting back on employees and wages. People are scared. This is a great time to start a business! There is less competition as people are being “conservative.”



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